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How To Keep Up Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

For many people, getting fitter or losing weight is high on their list when it comes to new year’s resolutions, but keeping up the momentum can be quite tricky especially during the colder months! With January the most popular time of the year to sign up to the gym, up to a third of those have given up by February.
1. Set yourself a target and don’t be afraid to reward yourself when you reach it 
By setting yourself a target you are already visualising your results. It’s always a good idea to reward yourself following a training program (a new dress, a trip, holiday etc)

2. Get a gym buddy (a sexy one helps…)
You are 5 times more likely to maintain your new fitness regime when you have a committed gym buddy. Especially if he/she is sexy, right? Your gym buddy can used as a source of encouragement and can act as a positive influence

3. Ease into it
Training at 55% to 70% of maximum effort allows the body to gradually adapt to a long-term exercise routine. People are 3 times less likely to give up. The key is to increase goals each time

4. Sign up for an event marathon/triathlon etc..
Give yourself something to work towards – especially in the early months. Signing up to an event gives purpose to a workout. I don’t think anyone wants to finish last! 

5. Update Your Gym Kit 
Buying new fitness gear gives a reason to work out. Wearing something new can even make you feel more sexy and confident. Who wants to leave a brand new £100 pair of trainers in unused?
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How to keep up your new resolution