Muscular Strength is the amount of force a muscle can exert in a single contraction.  The most widely used method is lifting a weight that is 65% to 70% of your maximum 10-12 times. You repeat this three times with 1-5 minute breaks in between sets .

   A well written and structured program would take about 16 weeks to    achieve the best results.

   “Weight or resistance training should be included as part of everyone    overall fitness routine”.

  Apart from the enhancement of the physical attributes, other benefits associated with weight training include: 

  • Increase in lean muscle mass 

  • Decrease in resting blood pressure

  • Decrease in the risk of several forms of cancer

  • strengthening of the immune system

  • Improvements in balance and coordination

  • Boost self confidence and the sense of mental well-being

  • Increase BMR (So the body would burns more calories)

  • Improvement of sex drive  

The following is a sample of a muscle strength training program. This was taken from one of our beginer’s clients. It is based on the 3 sets of 10 reps system. All workouts contained are supposed to be done that number of times. Apply here if Muscle strength is your goal.


95% of clients are London based

Fabrice has featured in a number of magazines and publication including ELLE, Mens health, The telegraph, ITV, Channel 4, Daily mail, Evening Standard, Heat,  Time Out, Cosmopolitan just to name a few. He has trained actors such as Matt le Blanc, Bloomberg CEO Michael Liebriech, Oscar-nominated producers and many top fashion and fitness models.

Fabrice also has many clients in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia).

Fabrice has worked in personal training for 12 years and holds the highest qualification in the fitness industry (REP4).

This level of experience enables him to help meet any fitness goals, including weight loss,body toningmuscle endurance, muscle strength, abs and core, back pain management and plenty more. He has been mentioned in numerous magazines.

One of the Most influential trainers in the world

With over 12 years of experience training over 2000 clients including top models, actors, Olympians, CEOs, business people and producers, Fabrice is one of the most influential trainers in the world.


Munsterfit gym is conveniently located in Kensington. The address is not given on this website as it is not for public information, we take confidentiality and security very seriously.

We also offer training sessions in our affiliated gym in North London. For more information please contact us.


Your time is important

At Munsterfit we understand how precious our clients’ time is so we have designed a technique which burns calories four times faster than any other training method.

High-profile clients

High-profile clients

Fabrice specializes in high-profile clients who want low-profile one-on-one training where confidentiality is a priority.

His luxury Kensington private gym is far from prying eyes, exclusive and fitted with sports equipment to meet all fitness goals. It comes complete with luxury changing rooms and bathrooms.

We also offer training sessions in our affiliated gym in North London. For more information please contact us.

Convenient mobile personal training

Convenient mobile personal training

We understand the need to be flexible around our clients’ busy schedules and so we tailor our one-on-one services to meet your requirements.


In addition, we offer a convenient mobile personal training option for those who prefer to train in the comfort of their homes, local park or hotels. We also offer training sessions in our affiliated gym in North London. For more information please contact us.

As well as fitness advice Fabrice offers expert nutritional guidance to help you better attain your desired physique.