Welcome to our Private Gym

Our London private gym offers the best equipment on the market. Whether you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle, tone up or have a specific goal, our equipment was selected by Fabrice to specifically train every single muscle of the body. They range from strength equipment such as free weight dumbbells, smith machine to functional ones like battle rope, Swiss ball, box jump platforms and many more. Those equipment would undeniably help you achieve the best results for your training.







Best exercises for Arms & Back:

Whether you want to tone your triceps, biceps or want build size to them; we have programs that contain the best exercise for arms. Preacher curls, bicep curls, v-bar curls or body weight exercise such as chin ups are just few exercises that will help develop leaner looking arms.

Back muscles are often overlooked during training programs. Practicing the best exercise for the back would not only help correct your posture but enhance your physical attributes.

 Our Olympic bars, dumbbells, cable machine along with exercises such as bent over row, single arms row, pull ups and vertical pulls are the perfect combination to give men the V-shape and a stronger looking back for women.

Best exercises for Legs and butts:

 We all want to know how to get the perfect legs and bum. The best exercises for Legs and butts are exercises such as squats, lunges and their variation. Our limited edition equipment such smith machine, squat rack, dumbbells and Olympic plates are designed to help give you the perfect butt lift you have always dreamed of.

Best exercises for Chest:

 They are many programs that are considered to be the best exercises for the chest.

Nutrition always plays an important role in reaching your goals;

In addition, the results would depends on 4 Factors: The exercise, technique, equipment and quality of each sets.

Our top of the range bench press machine, dumbbells and cable machine provides you with the best foundation for the most rewarding workouts. Performing exercises such as flies, bench press, chest press and its variations can help you achieve a fantastic looking chest.

Functional and sport specific:

If you are looking to improve your endurance, speed, coordination, balance, flexibility or reaction in your functional and sport specific program  like tennis, golf, football and many more, our equipment such as TRX, Rip trainer, battle rope, Swiss ball, medicine balls, Plyometric platforms, pull up bars, resistance bands would assist you in achieving your functional or sport specific goal

Best exercises for stomach:

Two of the most talked about subjects are: what are the best exercises for stomach and how to get a six pack.

They are few factors that need to be considered when it comes to having the perfect abs:

 Nutrition:  is a big factor. In order to achieve the best results for your abs you need to thoroughly revise your nutritional habit. poor nutrition would be counter-effective to your training goals.

The quality of the exercises: Most people tend to do the wrong type of abs exercises and end up having lower back pain or no results at all. It’s very important to seek advice from a well-qualified professional in order to reach your goals.

The right equipment: Our selection of kettlebells, Swiss balls, TRX equipment are designed to help burn your belly fat fast while strengthening your core and lower back.

Best exercises for Cardio:

 It has been mentioned in various articles that the best exercise for cardio is HIIT (high intensity interval trainings).

HIIT are characterised by short, intense workouts that provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, and improved fat burning. It increases your VO2 max and endurance greatly compare to conventional cardio (steady run, jogging)

Whether you are training to lose weight or training for a marathon; our limited edition equipment such as treadmill, bike, box jump platforms and battle ropes are set up with custom cardio programs to help you achieve your goals fast.

95% of clients are London based

Fabrice has featured in a number of magazines and publication including ELLE, Mens health, The telegraph, ITV, Channel 4, Daily mail, Evening Standard, Heat,  Time Out, Cosmopolitan just to name a few. He has trained actors such as Matt le Blanc, Bloomberg CEO Michael Liebriech, Oscar-nominated producers and many top fashion and fitness models.

Fabrice also has many clients in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia).

Fabrice has worked in personal training for 12 years and holds the highest qualification in the fitness industry (REP4).

This level of experience enables him to help meet any fitness goals, including weight loss,body toningmuscle endurance, muscle strength, abs and core, back pain management and plenty more. He has been mentioned in numerous magazines.

One of the Most influential trainers in the world

With over 12 years of experience training over 2000 clients including top models, actors, Olympians, CEOs, business people and producers, Fabrice is one of the most influential trainers in the world.


Munsterfit gym is conveniently located in Kensington. The address is not given on this website as it is not for public information, we take confidentiality and security very seriously.

We also offer training sessions in our affiliated gym in North London. For more information please contact us.


Your time is important

At Munsterfit we understand how precious our clients’ time is so we have designed a technique which burns calories four times faster than any other training method.

High-profile clients

High-profile clients

Fabrice specializes in high-profile clients who want low-profile one-on-one training where confidentiality is a priority.

His luxury Kensington private gym is far from prying eyes, exclusive and fitted with sports equipment to meet all fitness goals. It comes complete with luxury changing rooms and bathrooms.

We also offer training sessions in our affiliated gym in North London. For more information please contact us.

Convenient mobile personal training

Convenient mobile personal training

We understand the need to be flexible around our clients’ busy schedules and so we tailor our one-on-one services to meet your requirements.


In addition, we offer a convenient mobile personal training option for those who prefer to train in the comfort of their homes, local park or hotels. We also offer training sessions in our affiliated gym in North London. For more information please contact us.

As well as fitness advice Fabrice offers expert nutritional guidance to help you better attain your desired physique.